Having used Twitter to broaden my knowledge and thinking for some time, I continue to enjoy its immediacy and the challenge of writing succinctly.

The education community has embraced Twitter as a tool for sharing good practice and I am enthused by the ideas of others. Some of these ideas and the conversations that result are based on reports in the media, some evolve during organised Twitter discussions and others develop from the seemingly throwaway comments of others. I’ve survived an early tendency to only follow or engage with those who I agree with and I now find myself reading a timeline that is normally balanced and always engaging.

But Twitter has its limits. Being restricted to 140 characters is good for natural wafflers like me as the mind has to become focused but it can be frustrating when considering broader or more complex ideas. I am increasingly finding myself drawn to the thoughts of others expressed on blogs as they seem to satisfy my curiosity for more detailed analyses. This in turn has made me challenge myself to explore my ideas in greater depth.

My blog posts will not be as polished or as finely articulated as those you may find elsewhere; the process of reflection is rarely tidy. I have no plans for a constant theme to which all my blogs will relate but instead aim to use these pages as an opportunity to develop coherence within my thinking across a range of topics. I hope this will be a reflective process with the added challenge that others may occasionally read my thoughts and provide me with constructive challenge.


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